About Us

Seergate is a software development organization located in Tel Aviv, Israel, dedicated to the development of  transformative payment and banking solutions.  

Seergate has pioneered ’emailMoni’ an email-based payment service enabling Businesses and Individuals to access and move their money anywhere and for any reason.

emailMoni is a breakthrough, utilizing a secure and intuitive email interface connecting the bank’s accounts across environments, channels and devices, for fast and easy money movement. emailMoni makes it possible to collect payments everywhere the business has presence. “Money travels along lines of communication”. Every transaction is part of the communications process between the parties, and the process adapts to the payment service offered. The transaction details are embedded in the message.

Customers can use the emailMoni’s Payments Messenger whenever they need to send or receive money, anywhere they communicate: on Facebook, Outlook, on the web, mobile and in person using their smartphone/tablet. Customers get paid directly into their own bank account, enjoying improved cash-flow. Replace checks and cash, unlock the power of electronic payments with the only email service designed for payments. The Payments Messenger is available for you at all times, wherever you are, it’s adapted to the customers’ lifestyle to make their life easier and businesses more profitable.

emailMoni is the first of its kind, a bank service that really addresses the needs of Customers. emailMoni is available for customers everywhere they go. emailMoni conveniently serves the banks’ individual and business customers, as well as the unbanked, all with the same fast, convenient and highly secure email interface.